Monday, April 08, 2013

Mill Creek Cafe Benny - Round Two - $13

Every weekend when I ask A where she thinks we should go for benny since we first went to Mill Creek Cafe, she says Mill Creek Cafe. This weekend was one that tested friendship as well as testing to see if Mill Creek Cafe was really as good as we initially thought. Not only is it tasty here, but it is also close to where both A and I live. So we went back to Mill Creek because we liked it the first time and good food is helpful in smoothing bumps in any relationship... right?

Last time we came here, we both had the Cajun Shrimp benny, which was delicious. This time I wanted something different as Mill Creek has a couple of different bennys to choose from. I have to reveal a bit of a secret here... I'm a little bit afraid of eggs florentine. I had a florentine benny once at Smitty's and there was just a mass of spinach under the eggs and it was just.. not good. So I stear clear of that, as I did this weekend too, lol. Someday I will test my bravery and hope that it is worth the risk.

I was a little bit worried because when the manager came to take our order he said he wasn't sure that they had any hollandaise sauce left. Luckily, the next time he came back it was with our food...

Smoked salmon benny!

Now, for those of you who like capers, you will like the fact that these ones are big and juicy. I ate one, just to see if my opinion of them changed, and then proceeded to pick them all off. This prompted A to make a comparison between them and olives, so perhaps that is why I don't care for capers as I despise olives with a passion.

As you can see in my pic, there wasn't much fat sauce on my benny this week. I would guess that perhaps I got what little bit was left... lucky me! Because the eggs at Mill Creek are nicely soft poached, the sad amount of fat sauce this week didn't break my heart. The dark rye bread under this benny makes it taste all the better. I'm not sure if it is made onsite, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is as they make their own gluten free bread. The only minor compaint I would have about this benny is that here were a few more red onions on it that I would like in my stomach first thing in the morning. This would be a good brunch option if you've had an early, light breakfast and have some cushioning in your stomach for the onions. Perhaps my stomach is a little bit sensitive to this, I'm not sure. I picked pretty much all of them off in addition to the capers.

Conclusion: Mill Creek Cafe has yet to disappoint. This is the third time I've been here, second time for eggs benny, and all three times have been healthy, delicious, and worth whatever we paid. They use quality ingredients and their homemade bread options are really delicious. I think next time we go I will ask for my benny on a gluten free bread option and see what happens :)

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