Monday, April 15, 2013

Aunty Sue's Restaurant - $11.25

My friend M, who lives in Fort Saskatchewan AB, had never had eggs benedict before. Since I rave about them all the time she knew I would be the one to eat with her. There are a few different places in Fort Saskatchewan that serve breakfast, but I wanted to go somewhere that was locally owned. This is how M, A, and I ended up at Aunty Sue's Restaurant (10001 103 St Fort Saskatchewan).

Don't let the fact that the restaurant is attached to the Brant Hotel deter you from eating here. The inside of the restaurant is small town, comfortable, and the ladies here are practiced servers. We never had an empty cup, the coffee was good, and the food did not disappoint either. Aunty Sue's offers traditional eggs benny with your choice of ham or bacon. After I ordered A told the server to make sure I had lots of sauce. I scolded her saying that extra fat sauce would put them at an advantage that none of the other restaurants so far were allowed. I told her not to give me extra, just whatever it normally came with. M got hers with bacon and I got mine with ham.

Well, mine definitely had more sauce than M's had. It was really tasty too. I would say that the fat sauce here is homemade. It's not as thick as some chain restaurants' sauces, but it was definitely not too thin either. A perfect creaminess for sure. The eggs were not poached as I would've liked them, the yolk in the first one I cut into was almost hard halfway through. There was a bit of runny yolk in that one. The second one was a bit more runny, but still not "soft" poached. Aside from this, eggs benedict here was done very well for my tastes. The hashbrowns were delicious and I felt full but not too full when I had cleaned my plate.

Conclusion: If I am in Fort Sask for breakfast again, I would definitely go to Aunty Sue's. They have been in the community for a while and I have experienced why for myself. M says that they moved into the Brant Hotel because every other restaurant that has been there closed down right away. With Aunty Sue's local reputation, it is expected that they will survive where others didn't.

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  1. One should not read these before breakfast. How is it supposed to be any good now that I'm dreaming of Eggs Benedict??