Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mill Creek Cafe Benny - $13

Last week I did a bit of research regarding restaurants that serve Eggs Benedict. I used the Urbanspoon app to look at breakfast menus and bookmarked a bunch of restaurants here in Edmonton that serve a benny. While doing this research I saw the menu for Mill Creek Cafe (9562 82 Ave) and their selection of unique bennys intrigued me. I knew right away which benny I was going to have for breakfast on Sunday.

Immediately upon entering the cafe, I knew it was a popular place despite what I felt at the moment were slightly inflated breakfast prices. A and I had to sit by the window at the counter, rather than having a table for ourselves, but it was fine because we got to look out the window and criticize how people were parking on the side street. We sat for a couple of minutes before the guy who handed us menus when we walked in came over and asked us what we were going to have to drink. He offered us lattes or cappuccinos, but we both just wanted coffee. They have a handy coffee and tea bar which is help yourself. It has various coffee blends, loose tea, and bagged tea. We also gave him our order, since we both knew what we wanted. Then A whipped up a couple of delicious cups of coffee for the two of us. When our food came, I knew we had chosen the right thing to order...

The Cajun Shrimp Benny! Mill Creek Cafe only serves their Eggs Benedict dishes on the weekend. Every table I saw ordered one of the 4 bennys that they offer here. All of them come with potatoes and a fruit cup. I'm pretty sure the reason they only make it on the weekend is because they make their hollandaise sauce fresh. I can definitely tell the difference between their homemade sauce and the sauce at Denny's (and most other places I've had EB). It was slightly tangy, but creamy enough to impress me. I prefer my hollandaise creamier on eggs and a bit tangier (lemony) on vegetables like asparagus. At first glance, I wasn't sure there would be enough fat sauce to satisfy, however upon discovery that my eggs were poached to perfection and the yolks flooded over the English muffin onto the plate, I knew there would be no problem.
I have to say, the first bite is always the best, and the Mill Street Cafe Cajun Shrimp Benny was no exception! Each muffin was toasted nicely and had three large shrimp under the egg and sauce. It wasn't until I was almost finished that I realized that there was some sort of hot sauce on the muffin under the shrimp. It added a nice tanginess that I had thought was the fat sauce without adding heat that would overwhelm the overall flavour of the dish.
Conclusion: I think this benny was worth the $13. I wasn't overly impressed with the service here and I commented to A that I hoped the front counter staff split the tips with the kitchen, as I tipped $5 based entirely on the fact that the Cajun Shrimp Benny was delicious. Is it the best EVER? Perhaps we will have to revisit that question in the future :)
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  1. You make me hungry lady! Even if I am eating lunch right now lol