Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blue Chair Cafe Benny - $13.95

This weekend A wanted to go back to Mill Creek Cafe, but we were going to eat breakfast with my sister and her two little boys, so we needed to go somewhere that had a bit more room. So we returned to the place where the idea for Bringing You the Benny was first born: Blue Chair Cafe (9624 76 Ave). My sister and I arrived with the boys just minutes before 10am on Sunday morning. There were two other vehicles waiting in the parking lot for the cafe to open. We got a table for 6 and A joined us shortly after we arrived. Sis, A, and I got coffee and little K wanted tea, so him and Y shared a pot of peach herbal tea. Since A had the smoked salmon benny last weekend at Cora, I decided that I would have it this weekend at Blue Chair:

The fat sauce here is advertised as chipotle hollandaise in the menu, but I didn't feel any kick to it and recall feeling the same way last time we ate here. Presentation-wise, the flecks of chipotle in the sauce is appealing to the eye and hints at a benny that is different from others. This benny was delicious, however I'm not sure if it was the sauce or the smoked salmon, but there is something very acidic, or vinegar-y, about this one. I like that the bread option under the eggs is a nice fat slice of dark rye bread. As much as I enjoy English muffins as the base for my benny, it's always nice to see creativity in a menu.

Blue Chair doesn't disappoint and I know I would eat breakfast there again. My sister had the most delicious banana bread French toast! I only had one bite, but is was decadent. The boys both enjoyed their beakfast, but neither one ate their poached egg... I assume it just looked weird to them as they are accustomed to hard boiled or fried eggs I think. A wasn't too excited about her breakfast of huevos rancheros, but I think that is mainly because she forgot to ask for no onions.

Conclusion: The food and atmosphere of The Blue Chair Cafe are the main reasons that I enjoy breakfast there. The service is always really good and they have live music which is nice and it wasn't too loud first thing in the morning. They are family friendly without being a "typical" family restaurant. Have I found the BEST eggs benedict EVER? As much as I enjoyed the smoked salmon benny here, there was something missing and I hope to find it eventually... but not too soon cuz I am enjoying my benny weekends too much to stop now!

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